Frequently Asked Questions about your Campus Card

  • A. There is a $25.00 replacement fee for replacing your Campus Card. If your card is experiencing issues due to normal wear and tear, we will waive the $25.00 replacement fee.

  • A. We advise against puncturing your Campus Card; it contains special technology that will be damaged and rendered inoperable by hole-punching. Our University Stores carry a variety of ID holders available for purchase. Please note, a $25.00 replacement fee will be charged for a damaged card due to punctures of any kind.
  • A. BankMobile is a 3rd Party USG approved bank which the University has partnered with to deliver your refund to you quickly and securely. You can read more about BankMobile by reading the brochure provided in the BankMobile Brochure.
  • A. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please call Card Services so that we can assess your specific issue and provide a solution.
  • A. To sponsor a registered visitor, a Service Request Form must be filled out and returned to HR. If a group needs to be sponsored and require NETID’s, a NetID Request Form must be completed and returned to the Card Services office. Please remember that if a NetID is requested, a date of birth (DOB), and the last four digits of their social security number (SSN) is required.
  • A. We are more than happy to apply access that has been granted to your Campus Card at the Card Services office. All door access is granted by the campus Door Access Department, and must be requested by a designated point of contact for your department/school/college. For more information, please visit
  • All door access requests are also submitted to the Door Access Department by a designated point of contact for your department/school/college. For more information about requesting door access, please visit  Once your request has been processed, please visit the Card Services Office to pick up your physical keys.